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The ExpeditionThe ExpeditionThe ExpeditionThe ExpeditionThe ExpeditionThe Expedition

The Expedition

I remember how I used to feel.

I remember pipe smoke, Sunday best, the sound of an accordion.

Someone in an old photograph who looks just like me.

I used to have all the answers. I used to have belief.

Where has that gone?

‘a blend of poetic reveries, gung-ho assertiveness and camraderie'(***)  – Mary Brennan, The Herald

Devised and performed by Rosie Reid and Peter Lannon

Sound and video design by Krysia Kordecki

What happens when you lose the beliefs you’ve always had? Belief in your friends, in yourself? The Expedition is a new performance for young audiences about the moments in life when everything becomes uncertain.

It was originally created for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s Into the New festival 2013, and was developed further in collaboration with Eilidh MacAskill, with support from Imaginate.

Rosie Reid is a Scottish performance maker whose work focuses on immersive theatre experiences. Visit her website here.

Krysia Kordecki is an artist who creates sound-based installations, live events and artworks that attempt to take its participants to an uncertain place. Visit her website here.

Click here for a trailer of the performance at Into the New.

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