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They said they made my hands into bombs. I’m waiting for him to say ‘you don’t have to do this, it’s ok. You don’t have to do this.’ Instead he says, ‘Jump on the spot. You’re shaking. We can’t let them see that you’re shaking.’’

STUNTMAN is a new performance for anyone who has ever enjoyed a violent action movie (but felt a bit weird about it). It is an intensely physical, funny, and tender duet by two men who wrestle with their relationship to violence – both onscreen and off. Fusing the Pow! Biff! and Wallop! of over-the-top stunt fights with personal stories of real encounters with violence from the performers’ lives, STUNTMAN explores the relationship between violence and masculinity, and the impact this has on our perceptions of men.

‘Performed to the hilt by David Banks and Peter Lannon… Stuntman deftly questioned physical aggression as a source of entertainment, or as proof of male potency. This is a piece that deserves to be seen beyond Buzzcut.’ – Mary Brennan, The Herald Scotland

STUNTMAN is currently available for small-scale touring. For dates and to get in touch, visit the SUPERFAN website.

Created by Ellie Dubois, Pete Lannon and David Banks.

Performed by Pete Lannon and David Banks.

Directed by Ellie Dubois.

Sound design by Pete Lannon.

Dramaturgy by Kim Donohoe.

Presented by SUPERFAN.

SUPERFAN is a new company that produces the collaborations of Ellie Dubois, Pete Lannon and Kim Donohoe. Visit their website here. 

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