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Big ManBig ManBig ManBig ManBig Man

Big Man

Pete and Joe have been father and son for over 26 years. They have some questions for each other – questions they have been waiting to ask for a long time. How do they start the conversation? Are there any questions they can’t answer?

Devised and performed by Joe and Peter Lannon

Directed by Peter Lannon

with music by Joe and Peter Lannon

Big Man was created as part of an ongoing investigation into masculinity and communication, and originally performed at Platform in Easterhouse. It was presented at //BUZZCUT// festival, Glasgow, in April 2014. Click here for more info on the festival.

An intimate performance in which a father and son question their relationship and explore ways of communicating with each other, Big Man asks what really makes us who we are, and if we can ever escape the things we inherit.

(If the above trailer doesn’t work in your browser, you can also find it here.)

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