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“I am a bastard. Really. I am some piece of work. And I know it.

Tonight I’m trying to figure out why.

 Oh, and I’ve got some jokes that I’d like to try out, too. They’re f***ing hilarious.”

Peter Lannon is 24 and probably the worst stand-up comedian you’ve ever seen. 

BASTARD is a work-in-progress, about how difficult it is being a straight, white, middle-class man.

Originally presented as a 20 minute work-in-progress at the very first //BUZZCUT// festival in March 2012, BASTARD is a satirical look at traditional gender roles in humour, disguised as a shockingly poor attempt at stand-up comedy. A straight, white, middle-class man explores the dominance of straight, white, middle-class men in comedy, and interrogates a role he was born to play. BASTARD shifts from genuinely funny to uncomfortable to surreal, and challenges the audience to think about what (and who) it’s ok to laugh at.

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